Schengen Visa Fees Increase by 12 Percent Europe Trips to Get Costlier

Schengen Visa Fees Increase by 12 Percent: Europe Trips to Get Costlier


Traveling to Europe has always been a dream for many, with its rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes. However, for travelers planning to visit the Schengen Area, there’s some news that might impact their budgets. The Schengen Visa fees are set to increase by 12 percent, making trips to Europe a bit costlier for tourists.

What is the Schengen Visa?

The Schengen Visa allows travelers to visit 26 European countries that are part of the Schengen Area. This visa provides entry to these countries without the need for separate visas for each country, making it convenient for tourists to explore multiple destinations within Europe.

Reasons Behind the Fee Increase

Several factors contribute to the decision to raise Schengen Visa fees:

  • Inflation: The increase in visa fees is partly due to inflation. As costs rise, visa processing fees need to be adjusted to cover administrative expenses.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: European countries are constantly updating and improving their security measures to ensure the safety of visitors. The costs associated with these security enhancements contribute to the rise in visa fees.
  • Infrastructure Development: Europe invests in infrastructure development to enhance the tourism experience. The funds generated from visa fees often support these initiatives.

Impact on Travelers

The increase in Schengen Visa fees will have several implications for travelers:

  • Higher Travel Costs: With the rise in visa fees, travelers will need to allocate more budget for their trips to Europe.
  • Budget Adjustments: Those planning their European vacations will need to adjust their budgets to accommodate the increased visa fees.
  • Potential Decline in Tourism: Some travelers, particularly those on a tight budget, may reconsider their plans to visit Europe due to the higher overall costs.

Reaction from Travel Industry

The travel industry is likely to respond to the increase in Schengen Visa fees:

“While the increase in Schengen Visa fees may pose challenges for budget-conscious travelers, Europe remains a top destination for tourists worldwide. We anticipate that travelers will continue to visit Europe despite the higher costs, drawn by its unparalleled beauty and cultural attractions.” – Travel Industry Expert

Case Study: Impact on Budget Travelers

Consider a budget traveler from Asia planning a backpacking trip across Europe. With limited funds, every expense matters. The increase in Schengen Visa fees might force them to reconsider their itinerary or extend their saving period to afford the trip.


The 12 percent increase in Schengen Visa fees signals a shift in the cost dynamics of traveling to Europe. While this may pose challenges for budget travelers, the allure of Europe’s rich heritage and scenic landscapes remains strong. Travelers must plan their budgets accordingly and continue to explore the wonders of the Schengen Area.

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