Illegal Monopoly by Ticketmaster-Live Nation Drives Up Prices US Justice Dept

Illegal Monopoly by Ticketmaster-Live Nation Drives Up Prices US Justice Dept


The US Justice Department has launched an investigation into Ticketmaster-Live Nation for alleged illegal monopoly practices that have led to inflated ticket prices and restricted competition in the live entertainment industry. This move comes amid growing concerns over the dominance of Ticketmaster-Live Nation and its impact on consumer choice and market fairness.


Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticketing company, merged with Live Nation, the largest concert promoter, in 2010, creating a vertically integrated powerhouse dominating nearly every aspect of the live entertainment industry. The merger was approved by the Justice Department with certain conditions aimed at preserving competition, but critics argue that these conditions have not been effectively enforced, allowing Ticketmaster-Live Nation to maintain its stranglehold on the market.


The Justice Department’s investigation focuses on whether Ticketmaster-Live Nation has engaged in anticompetitive behavior by using its dominant position to stifle competition from rival ticketing companies and venue operators. Some of the key allegations include:

  • Forcing venues to use Ticketmaster’s ticketing platform exclusively or face punitive measures.
  • Imposing excessive fees on consumers and preventing venues from offering alternative ticketing options with lower fees.
  • Engaging in anti-competitive practices to secure exclusive deals with artists and venues, shutting out competitors from the market.

Impact on Consumers

The alleged illegal monopoly practices by Ticketmaster-Live Nation have had a significant impact on consumers, leading to:

  • Higher ticket prices: With limited competition, Ticketmaster-Live Nation has been able to raise ticket prices without fear of losing customers to rival ticketing companies.
  • Restricted choice: Consumers have fewer options when purchasing tickets, as many venues are contractually obligated to use Ticketmaster’s platform exclusively.
  • Increased fees: Ticketmaster’s monopoly power has allowed it to impose hefty service fees on consumers, driving up the overall cost of tickets.

Response from Ticketmaster-Live Nation

While Ticketmaster-Live Nation has denied any wrongdoing, stating that it operates in compliance with antitrust laws and is committed to providing consumers with a fair and transparent ticketing experience, critics argue that the company’s actions have harmed competition and disadvantaged consumers.

In response to the investigation, a spokesperson for Ticketmaster-Live Nation stated:

“We believe that our business practices are lawful and in the best interests of consumers. We will cooperate fully with the Justice Department’s investigation and are confident that we will be vindicated.”


The investigation by the US Justice Department into Ticketmaster-Live Nation underscores the growing scrutiny over the dominance of big tech companies and their impact on competition and consumer welfare. If the allegations are proven true, it could have far-reaching implications for the live entertainment industry and may lead to significant changes in the way ticketing companies operate.

Consumers, artists, and venues alike are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the investigation, hoping for a fair and competitive ticketing market that puts their interests first.

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